What to Expect
Here's the long answer....

Customs vary from parish to parish. At most Episcopal churches, you will be greeted by an usher or a greeter as you enter. These are the people to ask if you have any questions. They know where the wash rooms are, what you'll need to follow the service, and probably the history of the parish.  Just ask! 

At St, David's, we are pretty flexible with our Sunday attire. Feel free to dress up, or to wear jeans.


Our Sunday Service includes music and Holy Communion. Please join in our singing. It is often said that the person who sing to God prays twice! God appreciates your intentions.  

The first part of the service is called the Liturgy of the Word, where lessons from Scripture are read, prayers are offered and a sermon (homily) is preached. We ask for forgiveness of our sins.  The Liturgy of the Word wraps up with the exchange the "Peace of Christ."  This is a time to greet each other liturgically, but it is not a time for "chit-chat," so just say, "Peace be with you" when people approach.

Announcements may follow the exchange of the peace. People may come forward for a blessing or for prayer at the close of the announcements if their birthday or anniversary falls on the upcoming week. 

The second half of the service is called The Liturgy of the Table. Here is where we take the ordinary "stuff" of life, bread and wine and consecrate it so that it becomes for us the body and blood of our Lord Jesus. All people who are seeking a deeper relationship with God are welcome at the communion rail. An usher will guide you. You may stand or kneel at the rail. If you wish to receive Communion, please outstretch your hands, one on top of the other. If you would prefer to receive a prayer or a blessing, simply please place your hands over your heart. This lets the priest know that you do not wish to receive communion, but a blessing instead. 

Coffee Hour follows the Service. Episcopalians often jokingly call Coffee Hour "The Third Sacrament."  

Join us downstairs after church for coffee and conversation. All are welcome!