Worship Ministries  


The word Liturgy means "work of the people -- the baptized MANY!  All who are present participate in our worship by joining in the responses, the prayers, the songs, and the Holy Communion. Some might wish to serve additionally as a Worship Leader. There are many ways for you to do this, and you are welcome to do so.

Please call the Rectory Office on weekdays for more information about these ministries. 

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild sets the stage for worship by setting up all the sacramental utensils that are necessary for a Communion service and ensuring that the priest has everythign necessary for mass. 

Acolytes give the service a sense of order and grace. They carry the processional cross  into worship and lead the people out of worship. Acolytes also assist the clergy in other ways. 

Ushers are the first face of the church. They are welcoming and friendly and will offer a little extra help to those who need it on the stairs or in the Lift  Please ask! Ushers also hand out bulletins and select people to bring our offerings forward. 

The office of Lectors (or Lay Readers) is among the oldest of liturgical lay ministries.  Lectors practice the lessons during the week to be sure they use proper pronunciation and cadence. 

Prayer Leaders

Each Sunday, prayers are offered by the community gathered on behalf of the world. Prayer leaders lead the community in prayer from the lectern and invite people to offer freeform prayers of their own.