Just who WAS Saint David? 

Saint David was bishop of Mynyw in the 6th century. He was born between 482-512 AD in Henfynyw Wales and was a noted preacher and teacher. He established several monasteries in Wales and in France. The current day Cathedral  of St. David stands on the grounds of one of the first monasteries he founded at Glyn Rhosyn in Pembrokeshire, Wales. 

The monastic Rule of St. David was rigorous. The monks had to pull ploughs themselves, not using beasts of burden. Their diet was limited to bread and vegetables and the monks were not allowed to drink ale.   Symbols associated with St. David are the common leek and the daffodil. He often appears in religious iconography with a dove on his shoulder. 


It is suggested that St. David (or Dewi Sant in Welsh) died in either 589 or 601. His Feast Day is celebrated here on March 1st.

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